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Veganism is a touchy subject. Since I made the decision to include more plant-based foods in my diet (see here), I’ve gotten a huge outpouring of help from some amazing bloggers, and have also learned quite a bit about it.

I’ve heard that Veganism is only for people who think that using any animal products is inhumane. I’ve heard that you’re not really vegan if you still wear wool sweaters, or eat honey, and that some people could get very offended if you chose to do so.

I’ve heard that Veganism was the worst decision some people have ever made…and the best decision for others. I’ve heard that it’s a lot harder than I think it will be…and heard that it’s a lot easier too.

So this just sort of solidifies my original idea of not calling it anything, and for lack of a better term, taking it one day at a time. I’ve heard “plant based” and “plant strong.” I like both of those—a lot. So maybe I’ll use that from time to time. Maybe I’ll call myself a leaf-eater. Or a salad-supporter. I really don’t think it matters, as long as I’m eating foods that I like, and nourishing my own body however I see fit.

I got a ton of amazing suggestions from readers, and I’ll be sharing those over the next few weeks. If you have any tips yourself, or just want to borrow my book on sewing your own clothes, you can email me.

I also wanted to share an email I received. It really made me feel better about my decision and made me feel like it was okay to do what I thought was right for me. It was really an amazing email:

Hey, I read your post on tumblr and I am just so personally thrilled to see that other people are going through this whole “Am I Actually Vegan?” thing that I’ve been going through for the past few months.

I feel like there is a huge pressure to be completely vegan, just because of the label and the strength of the community which surrounds that label. I feel like people get so caught up in the stigma of what a “vegan” is, that they don’t realize the value of simply making vegan choices, like replacing milk with almond or soy milk, or eating more live foods.
These are things anyone can do, and you don’t have to be vegan to do them.
The bottom line is, vegan food is healthy. Vegan food is cruelty-free. I have come to realize that it’s perfectly okay to be in support of veganism, and yet, not be completely vegan—at least for me, not just yet. I was afraid that if I made vegan choices, but ate cheese once in awhile, that I would be looked down upon both by vegans and meat-eaters.
But providing an environment where people can share the joy of making healthy steps in their life, and not being labeled, is very constructive! And so I’m glad you are helping to create that environment.
And really anything I tried to write didn’t make more sense than that did. Thanks so much, Clarissa.
I’ll be tagging all my experiences with plantstrong for now, if you want to check them out!

(everyone, not just Clarissa.)

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  1. arniebarney reblogged this from herprimallife and added:
    Oooh am not the only one. I can ditch the vegan label. I am a plant eater, a herbivore, plantstrong! :)
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    Veganism is a touchy subject. Since I made the decision to include more plant-based foods in my diet (see here), I’ve...
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    Wow. This, all of this. I have been vegetarian since April 2011, and have recently decided to become a relaxed...
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  6. foodbeginnings said: vegan food is wonderful but you never have to be completely vegan to enjoy it! an author of a vegan cookbook i have even admits to eating fish and dairy sometimes. just eat what tastes great and makes you feel good <3
  7. tamsinrobyn said: My family and i have been Vegan for two years now. We eat Vegan mostly at home and when we go out as far as possible, but if someone else’s baking or restaurants use a little cheese or egg we dont kick up a fuss. Its a lot of fun and all your choice.
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    This is a good post, and a good e-mail down there. I’m not vegan; I don’t know if I’ll ever be. But I don’t eat meat and...
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    THIS IS ME! thank you for blogging this matchstickmolly! you are not alone :-)
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    Yes yes yes!! “Plant strong” is by far my favorite “label” for “vegan”ism I’ve seen yet. ”Plant-based whole foods diet,”...
  12. undateableblackgirl said: I love this, I’m thinking about becoming a “leaf-eater” as you say. This really did help me.
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