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Shameless Promotion of an Incredible Book

I cannot recommend this book (and concept) highly enough. It’s the book I would write if I grew up, became a nutritionist, worked specifically with anorexic and binge-eating disordered patients for a few years, and then wrote a book.

It talks about rejecting the entire diet philosophy and completely cutting dieting out of your life. (95% of diets fail.) It’s against counting calories and diets because one of the major causes of binge eating is the feeling of failure associated with having “too much” food.

It talks in-depth about a lot of the psychological reasons behind binging, things I never even considered, like the “last supper” before starting a diet (eating a huge amount of foods you won’t be ‘allowed’ to eat again) or binging because a tiny part of your mind is saying “screw you” to a world that’s trying to tell it that you’re too fat.

It just generally encourages to stop thinking about any food as “bad,” stop dieting, stop restricting calories and just listen, listen, listen to what your body is asking for. It helps you identify what type of eater you are (there are 3 types) and then teaches you step by step how to eventually become an “intuitive eater,” or a person who is naturally at their ideal weight because that’s what your body was made to do, naturally be as healthy as possible.

If you have ever dieted and failed, fasted all day to make up for a binge, found yourself shoveling food in even when you weren’t hungry, obsessed over every fat gram and every single calorie, gotten frustrated, desperate, upset, and crushed over your lack of will-power, Intuitive Eating is absolutely the answer.

It completely lays out the psychological path that leads to binging for a lot of people (There are a million reasons why you could be doing it.) When you figure out exactly what’s causing your binges, you’ll be much better equipped in avoiding them and won’t be a slave to your eating habits. Intuitive Eating’s goal is to have you eating as healthfully and normally as possible, and it’s had an incredible effect on me. It’s not a diet at all, it’s just tapping into the signals your body is giving you and learning how to respond as nature intended you to, with nutrition and fuel for your body, that’s it :)

This is the Amazon link for the book that I read, and this is the website that explains the concept more in depth. It’s the most comprehensive response to undereating, overeating, diet obsession, eating disorders and abnormal eating patterns that I’ve ever seen and it’s had a tremendous effect on me.

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